Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can't Stay Away

I last wrote on March of last year. I had found Facebook and decided I didn't have time to follow FB and keep up my blog and besides I had run out of things to say. Things have not changed much, I have lots to say but I 'm not sure it will do any good to say them. I still think that the radicals in politics and the self-serving lobbyists are rapidly destroying our country. It seems to me that too many people are willing to let it ride and just get on with their lives and that depresses me because I often feel the same way. I have reached my three score and ten and I'm pretty that I will predecease our country, but I do have children and grandchildren and I long for something better for them. We hear it on all sides, crap that ranges from outright lies to half-truths used to try to convince us to buy into their point of view. And, no one challenges it except bloggers crying in the wilderness of the ionosphere. Example: "Citizens owning guns makes for a safer community." Bullshit! Countries with strict gun control laws are safer places to live than the US by ANY measure. "Health care in the US the best in the world." Again, Bullshit! The US is far down the list on any measure of health care statistics EXCEPT for the amount of money spent on health care. We are being fed manure and kept in the dark like a bunch of mushrooms, and we wallow in it and don't complain because we are warm and cozy in it. Problem is, we will soon be uprooted and fed to the pigs.

nuff said, be back someday.