Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Night Sweetheart

There is a time for every season and this is a sad time. My lovely wife of 53 years is dying of Cancer.  She has asked that no heroic measures be taken as she thinks it would be rude to put off your death when God calls.  So, we sit by her hospital bed in the living room and watch her struggle for breath.  It is agonizing for us, and I'm sure, agonizing for her as well.  She will not go gentle into the night.  I may have screwed that quote up since I'm not thinking too clearly right now.  This is a good space to put down my thoughts since I don't know who reads it, probably no one since I haven't posted in over a year.  Nonetheless, I will miss her, she has been a part of my soul since we met in high school 55 years ago.  Ours has been a good life and there are no regrets for any of it.  We have traveled a long road together and shared much of our lives with each other.  I suppose there are hundreds or even thousands of guys in the same boat tonight, I wish them the best, we each have to do this alone even if we are surrounded by family and friends.  Good night sweetheart,  sleep well, may the angels watch over you.