Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Democratic Party

I heard something on NPR today that made my blood run cold. As a life long Democrat I was shocked to hear the Junior Senator from Virginia describe himself as a Reagan Democrat! Senator Jim Webb was elected to the Senate in 2006, and apparently is being touted as a Vice President for the Democratic nominee for President. He was on the cover of Parade magazine last Sunday and Teri Gross was interviewing him today. When that happens you know that his candidacy is being run up the flagpole. But a Reagan Democrat! Never! Ronald Reagan did more damage to the Democratic Party than Nixon did to the Republicans. If the Democrats even think about having a Reagan Democrat (whatever in the hell that is), then the party has given up. We will have one party, with the only difference being what they believe about abortion. My Republican friends say they are Republicans because they want a smaller government. They have bought into the lie that Republicans mean less government. We have lost more civil rights during the reign of King George II than the penultimate Democrat FDR ever thought about. People have also bought into the lie that the Democrats are the tax and spend liberals, while the Republicans are fiscally conservative and reduce taxes. Reagan and Bush II increased the national debt a thousand times more than FDR did while fighting a world war and a depression at the same time. They did decrease taxes, for the wealthy, while building up a debt that our grandchildren will have difficulty paying. Reagan has been celebrated for the fall of communist Russia, but that happened only because they went bankrupt before we did. Now King George II has sold the US to China. We will be the next to fall, and our grandkids will be speaking Chinese and there will be a Republican puppet in the White House.

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Tracie the Red said...

Do you know what really sucks?

I'm a Dem. One of my relatives is a Republican. He was appointed ambassador to South Africa by Reagan in the 1980s. Doug (my relative) was one of the people dealing with that whole Nelson Mandela issue back in the day.

He was not pleased when I turned 18 and registered Dem.