Friday, March 13, 2009


Paul (my next door neighbor) and I took a little drive yesterday. We went south of town on the Dry Creek Road. The country out there is typical High Desert, sage and grasses and in late May or early June, wildflowers. I was curious about the condition of the road, much of it is just dirt with no gravel. In rainy weather it can get really greasy and we had a fair (for Eastern Oregon) amount of rain last weekend, so I wanted to see how muddy it was. Surprise! There was only one wet spot and it was easy to go around. It had been muddy you could see and feel the ruts made by the mudders. That's my name for those guys who have four wheel drive and see how much mud they can get on their trucks. It really messes up the road and it will stay that way until it gets graded, probably next Fall.

The hills are already greening up following the rain. Even though it has been cold at night it warms up to the 50's during the day, and that's enough to get the grasses growing. That is a serious sign of Spring. dry roads and green grass. But, I bought some bare root rose bushes last weekend and I'm not ready to put them in the ground. I'll wait until the nights are a little warmer.

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