Monday, January 8, 2007

College Football

Just finished watching the Ohio State - Florida Championship Football game. Much like many Superbowls, this one was a bust. Florida played a good game and Ohio State forgot to show up. I've seen a lot of writing about the need for a playoff setup rather than the current BCS charade. I fear that the same arrogance that permeates the BCS would somehow be manifest in a playoff plan. Something like SEC schools and Notre Dame would get to have a replay if they lost a game in the playoffs because they are inherently better than other teams. They could use a plan like the OSAA uses in its State Football playoffs. The 1 and 2 teams from each conference would be placed in a bracket that was drawn before the season begins. A new bracket is drawn each year at random with #1's playing #2's from different conferences. Like basketball they could have the final four in a double header or something. Unfortunately, big bucks will rule whatever happens. Personally, even though I am not a Boise State fan, I think they should be National Champions. They are the only undefeated Division I team left.

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