Friday, January 5, 2007

New Blog

I somehow lost my other blog, "Rural Rantings" in the changeover from Beta Blogger. I used to think I was pretty hip with this computer stuff, but I sometimes feel that I'm getting passed by as computers continue to advance more rapidly than I. I suspect if I go back to the other blog I will be able to get it to transfer over to Google blogspot. If not I can live with this new blog. Finding a new name is somewhat daunting. There are a lot of names already taken, but I finally found one, Rural Church Mouse. I guess I'll have to try out my sermons on here first. Since I don't think anyone reads this, no one can complain about my liberal bent. I come by my liberalism from my father who was a dyed in the wool Socialist. He voted for Norman Thomas even when he wasn't running. I don't think I am a Socialist, but I sure feel like a misfit in Malheur County, Oregon. This is one of those rural red counties in a blue state. Ironic that the conservatives have been labeled Red. When we first moved to this part of the state we were shocked by the John Birch and Impeach Earl Warrren billboards along the highways. To call someone Red was the epitome of blasphemy, they couldn't be one of them Godless Communists! That's what a Red was! Now they're proud to be among the Reds, and not them Godless liberal anti-Christs. I find it difficult to understand what is wrong with wanting to help your less fortunate fellow human beings. I guess I'll just have to keep preaching that God is Love, He doesn't hate anyone.

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