Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Here to Stay

I have decided to make this my only blog. Consequently I am abandoning Rural Rantings in favor of this site. I like the title better, it doesn't make me feel like a grouch old fart. I'm really not very grouchy at all, but I suppose the old fart tag does fit.

While surfing through blogs on Blogspot I ran across one site that made me laugh. The author promised to be fair and truthful no matter who it touched. He then proceeded to blast Al Gore and his "Inconvenient Truth" documentary because Al owns several homes and cars and perhaps even an airplane. The writer seemed to think that Al Gore's ownership of multiple homes and cars disqualified him from warning the world about Global Warming. I kind of got the feeling that our teller of truth was following the old Republican tactic of defaming anyone who disagrees with the current administration. The fact of the matter is that no matter whet you think about Al Gore, he is telling an "Inconvenient Truth". The scientific community agrees that global warming is very real and that we must do what we can to reduce our part in causing it. We should all demand better fuel efficiency in our transportation. We should all use cleaner fossil fuels. We should all insulate our homes and businesses to reduce the ammount of heating fuel and air conditioning we use. I'm not sure where our fair and truthful writer got his facts about Gore's home ownership, but it sounded like something Rush Limbaugh would say. And we all know that Rush has never met a half-truth that he didn't like.

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