Monday, February 5, 2007


Watched the Super Bowl yesterday. It did have a few moments of excitement, but not nearly as much excitement as the hype would have us believe. I didn't have much invested in either team, it was only the second Pro game I watched this year. My wife and I have become Patriots fans since our daughter and her family moved to Massachusetts, so we watched them play the Colts in the division playoffs. That was a pretty exciting game, but I still can't figure out how a team can look so bad for 3 quarters and then come on like gangbusters. Reminds me of Pro basketball, you only need to watch the last 2 minutes. Back to the Super Bowl. Besides seeing the Bears self destruct, Phil Simms' color(?) commentary was so inane about the great Colts' defense I was about ready to gag. The whole game seemed to me to be about the best loser wins. The Colts' offense dominated and scored 22 points. That is not domination. 50 points is domination, 22 offensive points is a sputtering offense or a tough defense and Chicago's defense was not too tough. I mean, after all, the Colts were in the red zone 7 times and came up with 2 td's and 3 fg's. Ho hum...Chicago's offense couldn't put 2 first downs together and this was the best in the NFC? Their defense was pretty good in the red zone, only allowed 2 td's. I would rather watch a replay of the Fiesta Bowl. That was exciting! Well at least we will have golf to watch from now on. Won't be nearly as boring. I need to re-read this next year so I can remember to watch The Closer marathon on Super Bowl Sunday. We are such sheep!

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