Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Spring

Well, the cycle has started. I put fertilizer on my lawn today, that will make it grow, which means I'll have to mow it and water it, then mow and water, then ... I really don't mind mowing the lawn, especially since I got the riding mower. I do the neighbor's lawn too, he's in his 80's and doesn't get around very well. It almost kills him that he can't do the things he used to do. He has worked all his life doing one thing or another, and inactivity is not his cup of tea.

We are making canes out of sagebrush, his job is to peel the bark off the sagebrush that we collect. It is quite a job because there are all sorts of cracks and divots that the bark grows into and is somewhat difficult to get out. He does a great job and the canes look great ... unfortunately, they they don't sell. People like the look of them, but they figure they can make one themselves. So, we just give them away for gifts. My daughter has one that she uses where she lives in Massachusetts and says that she gets all sorts of favorable comments about it. Sagebrush has a wonderful grain and the inner layer of the bark is yellow/gold that just glows when covered with varnish. I guess that I will have to post a photo of one of our canes. Who knows, maybe we will start an on-line cane business. Just $19.95 plus shipping and handling, and if you order now we will include a sagebrush medallion at no extra cost.


Denson said...

Thanks for the walking stick. You know how to treat a big bro.

Share Cropper said...

What a nifty idea - and it must be beautiful - let's see a picture!