Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spring Time in Massachusetts

Well, I have access to my daughter's computer so I can check in. We went to Alex's graduation last Friday and it was great! The only complaint that I had was that it was held outside on the football stadium and for some reason people think it's alright to talk rather loudly to one another when someone is making a speech. I think that the kids had some pretty good speeches but I couldn't hear them all because the jerks behind me were talking too loud. When we got back, Alex opened her gifts. She got a digital camera and an I-Pod Nano plus other stuff from the Nelson grandparents. She seemed to love the "Hope" chest. She had guessed what it was, of course, it was hard to miss sitting in the middle of the living room. She has to clean her bedroom before we can move it upstairs. It still sits in the middle of the living room, covered with blankets.

Apparently we are sitting in the middle of a tropical "disturbance" which means it rains like a cow on a flat rock at least once a day. Although, that didn't happen yesterday , Wednesday, so the disturbance has moved away to disturb someone else. We are having a great time, getting lots of sleep and just hanging around. The past two afternoons have found us hitting the antique stores, I look for insulators, everybody else just looks. I did find one New England Telephone and Telegraph insulator for 5 bucks the other day. I don't have my price guide, but we don't see many of them in Eastern Oregon, so I'm happy with my find.

On a sad note, I saw the news on Fr. Jake's blog that Jim Kelsey had been killed in a car wreck on Sunday. Jim and Wes Frensdorf were the leaders in the birth of "Total Ministry" and both have now died in life shortening crashes. Jim was a vital resource to us in the old Seven Rivers Cluster and just a really good guy and a truly committed Christian. The purple shirt didn't seem to change him as it has so many bishops. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I can see Jesus hanging up his halo and putting on comfortable clothes and shooting the breeze with Jim.

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