Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grammar Rants

Just when I thought I had run out of things to rant about I turned on the radio and lo and behold, new material. In a 5 minute period of time the young lady doing the news broadcast mispronounced two words and used the wrong verb tense when talking about two items. I am appalled at the deterioration of the English language. Much of it is caused, I am sure, by e-mail and text messages. I belong to a collector's group that has a list-serve e-mail digest. To read the grammar mistakes and spelling errors would make my old English teacher, George Browning, weep. I am not an English teacher and I am sure that my grammar is not the best, but even I cringe at words such as stold and wayt. I'm not sure if the grammar is bad because they are in a hurry and too lazy to use their spell checker or because they are just ignorant.

While I am about it I also want to comment on the folks who point at a late frost as evidence that global warming is not something to worry about. I just witnessed a Science teacher using a frost in late May as evidence that global warming is not occurring. He completely disregards shrinking glaciers and the shrinking of the polar ice caps as perhaps better indicators of what is happening to our global climate. Wake up folks!

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