Saturday, September 1, 2007

Larry Craig's Downfall

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho resigned his position yesterday in a very brief press conference in Boise. Not a lot of fanfare or anything. I'm kind of surprised at my reaction to the whole thing. I am a liberal Democrat from Eastern Oregon and all of our local TV comes out of the Boise Metro area, so I am well acquainted with Sen. Craig and his stance on most issues. I have always disliked the Senator and hated his positions especially on homosexuality. He has always pontificated on the sin of homosexuality and advocated that Gays have none of the civil rights granted to us all. So, I should be pleased with his downfall, but I'm not, I feel sorry for him and his family. Whether he has homosexual tendencies or not, what I read in the paper about his arrest in Minneapolis smacks of entrapment. It is kind of scary to think that if you glance at the guy at the urinal next to you you could be arrested for making a pass at him. Besides, homosexuality is not a crime, what is next? Being arrested for asking a person of the opposite sex for a date? Hypocrisy is not a crime either, if it were, there would be a lot of folks in jail. Probably more in jail than out, if the truth were known.

I cannot revel in Sen. Craig's downfall. I would much more rather see him stomped by some unknown Idaho Democrat in an election.

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