Thursday, September 6, 2007

Spammers and Phishers

I get really upset by the volume of Spam and Phishing e-mails I receive every day. I'm sure that I get between 20 and 30 offers every day, and some of them are really well done especially by the Phishers, company logos and all of the official sounding words. It is not surprising that many folks fall for this crap. The Nigerian letters and all of their offspring are, on the other hand, pretty crude, but they appeal to our greedy side. Some of it is my fault, I fill our registration forms for stuff that I have bought and I know that those outfits sell their lists, so I get lots of offers that I just cant refuse. I mean, who wouldn't want to split $12 million (USD) with some poor unfortunate widow. I can also tell which ones bought the Episcopal Clergy Directory because they ask me to get the funds to use for my church's outreach programs. They are almost always addressed to: My Dear Friend in Christ. All they need is a bank number to send the money to.

I get upset because of all the space on the net that they take up. I have to empty my GrayMail folder once a week because it fills up my 20 M of e-mail space. I tried to send all that crap back to the sender, but of course, they have also pirated someone's e-mail site or spoofed an address that doesn't exist. The law that was passed to halt spam and Phishing is a joke, but I don't want to see the government sticking their nose into things either. (espicially the current administration) I guess I'm ok unless I wear out my delete key.

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