Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Cards

As usual I'm behind in my Christmas Card mailings. It always seems that I think about Christmas and all that one does for the holiday and think ,"Oh well, I've got a month to get those things done, lots of time." Then, it seems like the next day is the Monday before Christmas and I've done nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to mail those cards that just have to be sent with a little note about how I'm sorry the card is late. I did most of my Christmas shopping on-line with the gifts sent to the recipients. Just have to get stuff for those who live nearby. I haven't a clue what to get. Oh yes, there is also that little matter of the Christmas Eve service, this year in Canyon City 120 miles away. Jean and I are working out how to handle the Sunday service and the Christmas Eve service in a community 2 1/2 hours and two mountain passes away and still be present on Christmas Day with our friends. Of course, this would be the week that the first winter storms hit the mountains with lots of snow. It will all turn out fine, as it always does. Bring on the snow!

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