Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hurray, Hurray, He's Going Away

I see that Bp Schofield and his Diocese have voted to leave the Episcopal Church. I wish them well, bon voyage and all that sort of stuff. Does this mean that an Episcopalian moving into the diocese will have to go through confirmation and maybe even a new baptism to was away the sins of worshipping in a church that welcomes gays? I wonder, will they begin stoning sinners on the main street of Fresno soon. They could charge admission and make a little dough for the church. If I were a woman caught in adultery I would really be concerned for my safety. I'm sure that +John would gladly throw the first stone. He doesn't much like women, you know. Has anyone else noted that the move to move out of PECUSA didn't come after Gene Robinson, but rather after the election of Katherine Jefforts Schori. They claim it's homosexuality they are protesting, but I think Schofield, Iker and the others couldn't stand to be led by a woman.

Who"s next? Pittsburgh, Quincy, Fort Worth? Maybe we could have a pool to select the time and order of their leaving.

Enough ranting. I am sincerely saddened by the actions of the dioceses that are leaving the Episcopal Church. I am especially saddened for Katherine because some will blame all this on her leadership. I am also saddened for the people of those dioceses who do not want to leave. They are losing their churches through no fault of their own. Loyalty to PECUSA now becomes a sin in those dioceses.

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RebelRevRN said...

I agree, it is probably more about having a woman PB than the ordaining openly gay folks.
There is no way anyone is going to change the minds of people like schofield. I am really sorry for those left behind