Monday, September 29, 2008


I had a disquieting experience today. I was lied to by a person with whom I was doing business. I'm not sure why it upset me so much, I knew she was lying and she knew that I knew. Maybe the fact that she offered no apology or any explanation is what got to me. It was a financial deal and her lies cost me and my driver some money, but that's not what bothers me. The fact that she would continue to lie even after being caught is really upsetting. We try to do business as Christians, that is trying to make sure that each person in the business deal leaves feeling good about the deal. In the end, her lies may even cost her some money at a later date. I have put her company on our no call list. I will no longer do business with her and perhaps there will come a time when she needs my help. I will no longer do business with her not as revenge, but as protection. I can no longer trust her to do business fairly, so I feel it would be unwise to expose out company to someone who has lied in a business transaction.

I know that my attitue sounds naive, but most of the folks I do business with are honest and give me the best deal they can.They try to make it so that everyone involved in the transaction is pleased with the outcome. Those are the people I will continue to do business with.

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