Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

I can't believe that a week has passed since I last blogged. I have been busy with my new (kinda) job, but that isn't a very good excuse because I have spent the evenings watching TV. Not anything really good on either. I have had time to check in on Mad Priest's blog and I have to say I'm glad that the Lambeth Conference is over because I was getting tired of all the jabs at the African Bishops and the Archbishop of Canterbury. They deserved the jabs because of their stand on the issue of homosexuality, but it does get tiresome at times. Making fun of folks who disagree with you is fun especially when you are in the right, but after a while it begins to get boring. It's sometimes too easy to mock folks because they make such stupid statements, but it seldom does much to change any minds. The Republican faithful continue to think that Sarah Piglet walks on water even when it is patently obvious that she was brought aboard simply to appease the ultras and to be McCain's attack dog. He can stay aloof and let Miss Piggy make the attacks on Obama and then cry "sexism" when he fights back. She is an easy target but pointing out her failings will change no minds. I hope that the Dems do fight back and sling a little mud so that the undecided voters see that Barak Obama has a backbone. (an aside, my spell checker does not recognize Barak or Obama as words in its lexicon.)


MadPriest said...

I take your point but I also promise you that the point of my satirical humour is to make people feel better, to keep them in the church and to give them the nerve to continue their fight against oppression. I don't expect anyone to have their mind changed by anything I produce and I deliberately title my posts and use nicknames etc. so as to keep the blog a community concern rather than a campaigning one. If I wanted to debate with the enemy I would produce a proper blog like Preludium.

Keep up the good work, My friend and God bless.

Little church guy said...

I wasn't complaining about the satire I just want a different set of victims. But, I guess the same asshats keep getting themselves in the news and we keep turning the screws. John David Scofield has been obnoxious (at least on the Pecusa level) since we got to vote on his election at General Convention in Detroit in 1988. In retrospect maybe we should have voted not to consent to his election.

Moriba said...

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