Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stimulus Package

I really don't know many details of the "stimulus package" signed into law by President Obama, but I do know what Congress and the President are hoping will happen. It took FDR somewhat longer to ease some of the pain of the Great Depression, but that one began at the end of 1929 and he took office in March of 1933. By that time the bottom had fallen out of everything. President Obama came into office less than 6 months after the mortgage houses self destructed. So the Government has acted swiftly in hopes of averting the complete failure of the world economy. We will hear from the President tonight and hopefully get more details. It saddens me though to hear some folks talk about the stimulus who know absolutely nothing about it. I had a fellow tell me that all the trouble began with the "damned FDIC" that took all the money and left nothing for the people. Some of the Idaho legislators have suggested not taking the stimulus funds because there are "too many strings attached" This from the same folks who just last month were complaining about the "bailout" of the banks not having enough strings. I pray that what is being done is enough to halt the slide of the economy, because it affects everybody in the country, Republicans and Democrats alike.

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