Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's two days after Easter and I am still reveling in the great time we had. Good Friday was Good Friday, but then we had a joint celebration of the Easter Vigil at St. Paul's, Nyssa with parts read by folks from St. Matthew's, Ontario and Holy Trinity, Vale. I got to give the Homily and it was well received by those in attendance, (about 30) Nice to see for us tiny congregations hanging on by the skin of our teeth. We had 15 in attendance at Holy Trinity on Easter morning, a good turnout for us.

After church we went to Char's place for a non-traditional dinner. Libby and Martin came from Boise and prepared a Dutch Oven meatloaf that was to die for. The cooking was done outside using briquettes placed under and upon the Dutch Oven. Took about an hour and it was ready, about a 5 pound meatloaf. Of course, we had all the trimmings too, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower au gratin, deviled eggs, a fresh fruit salad, and two kinds of pie. I ate too much, but it all tasted so good. It was fun for us who have no close relatives nearby to get together and enjoy each other's company.

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