Saturday, April 14, 2007

George W. Bush

I have been having a good time following Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" comic strip over the past few weeks. Unlike the Idaho Statesman, which carries it on the editorial page with "Mallard Filmore", The Oregonian carries it on the comics page. He has been raking first, Mitt Romney, and lately, GW over the coals. My wife asked me if Romney has flip-flopped on all the issues that Trudeau has shown and if indeed, some town hall meetings in Vermont had really voted to impeach W. I told her that I wasn't sure about Romney but that I thought I had heard about the Vermont impeachment votes on NPR. If only half of the flips that Mitt is accused of are true, he is a really good choice for President which seem to require the office holder to be the biggest boldest liar in America. The Republicans filed impeachment charges on Clinton for lying about his affair with Monica, but I haven't heard much about getting GW on the block for lying about all the Iraq crap. That's the trouble with the Dems, they lack the killer instinct, if it had been Bill lying about going to war you can be that the Reps would be out for blood with Rush Limbaugh leading the pack. Poor ol' John Kerry was naive enough to believe that the Swift Boat thing woulld just die a natural death because it was patently a lie, but he didn't know the Republican mantra, "a good lie well told and stuck to is better than the truth any day". I just hope that the Dems don't blow it and let Mitt into the White House because what I've heard about him is even scarier than GW and that's going some.

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Clancy inME said...

Mitt Romney is not nearly as scarey as Hillary Clinton. Just read about how she treated the White House staff and the military escorts. I would prefer to have someone of Faith in the oval office, and the Dems don't seem to have any that I can see. Obama may profess to be a Baptist, but he was raised as a Muslim..Once a Muslim, ALWAYS a s Muslim