Friday, July 13, 2007

King George II

I just finished watching Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS. He was talking with two conservative writers about impeachment of both Dick Cheney and George Bush. The two writers were calling for impeachment of both men to protect the Constitution. They claimed that the president and vice president had indeed committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution and should be impeached. Their feeling was that the impeachment concept was a way to protect the government against an imperial president. Their fear is that if Bush and Cheney get away with their unconstitutional actions that they will set a precedent for future administrations and that we as citizens will have lost another piece of our freedom. It was a very interesting discussion and I think that even Bill Moyers learned something. The two gentlemen stated that the impeachment of Bill Clinton trivialized the process because it was done for political purposes. They talked at length about a monarchical president and the fear that the framers of the Constitution had about just such an occurrence. They also were despairing of anyone in Congress having the backbone to start impeachment proceedings.

I have a better understanding of the impeachment process after watching the show. I also have a fear of the secret service calling on me if I espouse impeachment for Dick and King George II. They have been arresting anyone who disagrees with them especially if they have an Arabic name. Disagreement makes you a terrorist. I am one of the 54% of Americans who want to see Dick Cheney impeached and also one of the 45% who want to see King George II impeached. Come on Congress, get off your butts and start proceedings. Real patriots defend the Constitution

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