Monday, July 30, 2007


I collect glass insulators. I think I've written about them before. It's amazing how some chunks of colored glass can capture your attention. My collection is quite small, even though I have been picking these things up for over 20 years. I have a couple that are purple and several that are a real light yellow called "straw" in the trade. My daughter got me interested again when she purchased several for me on the internet. I have since purchased a price guide book and a number of different pieces that strike my fancy. Most of my pieces aren't worth very much, but I really enjoy looking at the sun shining on them. Fortunately, my wife likes them too, so she doesn't get upset when I buy some new ones. Got one today that I think is valued at $75 - $100 that I bought on e-Bay for $15 and the price included 3 others that I didn't have. I'm trying to specialize on just one company and hope to get an example of every insulator they produced. If you have any old insulators lying around, give me a buzz on e-mail and maybe we can arrange a deal. I have to warn you, I'm pretty much of a cheap skate, so I can't promise too much of a deal. However, I will tell you if you have something valuable and give you a few places to check to sell them. I'm not sure if my kids will want my collection when I'm gone, they may just sell the entire collection for a couple of hundred bucks and have a party on the old man. That's fine.

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