Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, I'm Still Here

After my last Blog I sort of expected a call from some of the enforcers of King George II's security. I am still concerned that I will be put on one of those lists of people who disagree with the way King George II is ruling the US. Despite all his talk about keeping America safe, he has done nothing but trample on the constitution. I still wonder about the parallels between the reign of King George II and the reign of Adolph Hitler. Instead of Jews we are told that the Arabs are bad, thereby giving us a good scapegoat to blame everything on. He has steadily reduced our rights in the name of protecting us from the "dirty" Arabs. The congress and the media have been complicit in their acceptance of GW's policies. I can't understand why congress and the media aren't screaming bloody murder over the infringments of our rights. Folks, don't let King George II get away with it. Throw the rascal out!

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Anonymous said...

Thank god it's his last term!