Monday, October 8, 2007

Working My Butt Off Redux

I was just looking over my old blogs and I realized that it has been a month since my post "Working My Butt Off". That's really interesting because today I finished my part of that project. I didn't know that it had been a month since I started building a cover for Char's heating and cooling ducts. Saturday and today I finished putting the rest of the siding on the cover. I was putting on the small pieces that had to be specially measured and cut. It is slow and time consuming to climb the 12 foot ladder, measure the piece, climb down and cut the piece, then climb back up and nail the piece in place if it fits, otherwise it's measure and cut time again and that means another trip up and down the ladder. My 68 year old knees don't like that much climbing and I paid for it Sunday morning. Today I placed the roof on the cover and shingled it. I had to get on the main roof and lay on my belly to get the first course started. Then I could stand on the new roof if I was careful, the roof is only 2'x4', so there isn't much room to stand and nail. But, I got it done and then I trimmed it out. Now there are only a few trim pieces to put up and I think Chuck can do that. It looks really good and I'm proud of my work. I think I'll stick t cabinet making in my shop from now on. Climbing that ladder is not my cup of tea any more. Reminds me of my old volunteer firefighter days. I could climb a 20' ladder with a roll of 2 1/2" hose on my back. Maybe that's why my knees protest so much now.

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