Monday, June 23, 2008

49 Years

Friday was our 49th anniversary, something I find amazing. We were both too young,(she 18, me 19) we couldn't afford it, (she just out of high school, me an unemployed college student), and a wedding would ultimately result in my leaving college. She did only go a short time, but I finished college and later got my master's degree. She did child care for a number of years and then became a self taught bookkeeper, a job she has always loved. We have both been active in our church and in community affairs. We have 2 great kids who are each great in their fields of endeavor, and I think that each is doing what they enjoy in their area of work. We are both healthy relatively speaking. As I reflect on the past 49 years, I think they have been very good years. and they just keep getting better. Thanks Jean, I wouldn't change a thing...Here's to 49 more.

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brubro said...

Congraduations to both of you,I know how dificult the early years were but then we were all young and foolish.