Sunday, August 3, 2008


Saturday our daughter turned 48 which cannot be possible since my love and I are both under 50. I generally feel about 35-37 until I look in the mirror. Even looking at the mirror often fails to disabuse me of the notion that I am a slim, early middle aged man at the peak of my physical prowess. I find that people of my age group who spend time bemoaning the fact that they are aging really are aging. I know that I am fast approaching my three score and ten and I welcome its arrival, but the fact is that I don't feel my age. I have little aches and pains, but then I've always had little aches and pains that do nothing to make me feel old. I guess that what I am saying is that age is a state of mind. I really do feel great, I refuse to let those aches and pains that multiply with age affect the way I feel about myself.

I recently took on a full time job as a truck dispatcher and I am having the time of my life. The learning curve is steep but I am invigorated by it all. I often told my students that learning was a lifelong task and that when you quit learning you quit living. I sincerely believe that and realize that for the past three of four years I have been coasting. I've been dispatching for a month now and I hardly miss my after lunch naps. I am still readjusting my life and have yet to find a way to get my exercise done each day, but that will come soon. Life is good!

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