Friday, August 22, 2008

Rescue Load

As you may have read, we have had a trucker stranded in St George, Utah for the past 3 weeks with a blown engine in his truck and later an appendectomy. One of our other truckers is in Utah 400 miles from St George and he has decided to "rescue" our stranded driver and bring him and his trailer "home" to Vale. The rescue hero has also agreed to take the first driver's son with him back to Wisconsin and sell him one of his trucks. Give three cheers for "BD" for going above and beyond and reaching out to help "BJ". I'm hoping for a great load for BD to get him home for Labor Day. His response to my question asking why he was being so generous to a guy he has never met was, "It may be me who needs help next time." You are a great human being BD and I'm proud to know you.

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