Friday, August 1, 2008

Internet Protocol

I belong to a insulator collecting group called ICON (insulator collectors on the net) and the guy who started it is the web master for the Icon list-serve. For some who are on the net all the time it is sort of a chat room but for most of us the web master lists all of the messages received in a digest. I suspect that the majority of us who read the digest are old farts like me with too much time on their hands. It blows me away that the ICON group can't go a week without someone getting pissed off for some reason or another. We just completed one such drama and another one has popped up. One of the group posted a picture of a tremendously obese man sitting nude at a computer. The photo is a side shot so no "private" parts are shown. The webmaster politely asked the poster of the photo to remove it because (a) it is not insulator related and (b) it is in questionable taste. The poster replied that if he had to take his picture down then he would remove all his photos and quit ICON. Then the fight was on! Battle lines were drawn and the words began to fly. Instead of a group of adults you would think we were a bunch of 8th graders. I'm embarrassed to belong and have thought about quitting and giving my reasons for leaving, but if I did it now there would be another battle over were they 8th graders or 9th graders.

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