Friday, May 22, 2009


This past winter we decided to put ceramic tile in my bathroom. It's a small bathroom, just 4'6" x 5' of floor space. In a flurry of activity we got all the materials needed at the local Home Depot (Disneyland to us) and started picking out paint colors. The effort stalled when we both came down with some respiratory malfunction that put us out of commission for about 3 weeks. Monday was designated B-Day and I got to work clearing the room of everything but the shower. Everything went fine until I pulled up the vinyl flooring. The toilet had leaked clear water under the vinyl and then grew mold. The outer edges that hadn't gotten wet were well stuck to the floor. I took all Wednesday afternoon to get that stuff off the cement floor. Thursday I had plans to scrub the floor with TSP which is a fairly harsh chemical, but it kills mold. Then I was going to paint the walls the color we chose. That was not to be, I had to make a run to Ontario for the Company. That killed the day. Today I was going to do the stuff I had planned to do Thursday. Nope! Jean's computer started acting up and I got to spend and hour and a half with a nice young lady in The Philippines trying to diagnose the problems. Of course, that was after spending several hours trying to diagnose the problem by myself. I then got to go to Ontario and Fruitland to get the computer repaired and do banking for the Company. It is now 11 PM and I am still running virus scans on the computer. Tomorrow we get to go to Cove to take part in welcoming our new bishop, and that will take all day. I'm currently planning to restart the project Monday. Pray for me.

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