Friday, June 5, 2009

Remodel Progress

I took the week off from work with the idea of finishing the bathroom project. NOT! I did get all the tile down and the grouting done and the only thing Left is sealing the grout. I worked 9 hours Wednesday laying the tile. The only tiling I had done before was an open 12 x 20 room. Took me about 4 hours, so I figured I could do a 4 x 5 space in jig time. AGAIN NOT! It took me the entire afternoon from 1 PM to 9 PM to get it done. The problem was no space to maneuver and nothing to touch since the room had been freshly painted. My original plan was to lay the full tiles and then do the edges. Once again NOT! I finally got it done and the grouting done and it looks great and I am able to walk again an my housemaid's knees are healing. The rest will be a snap.

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