Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lambeth Conference

The big news in the Episcopal Church is The Archbishop of Canterbury's snub of Gene Robinson in issuing invitations to the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Lambeth is held every 10 years and generally includes all of the Bishops in the Anglican Communion. Lambeth is the one time that all of the bishops get together and discuss the future of the Anglican Communion. In essence it is really the only time that the communion gets together and none of its decisions are binding. In recent years the bishops from the former British Colonies have flexed their conservative muscles and denounced the liberalism of the American Episcopal Church, and the ordination of Gene Robinson really set them off. They have threatened to break communion with the Episcopal Church and the conservatives in the Episcopal Church are up in arms about this possible break with the rest of the Anglican Communion. Worra, worra, what will come of us? I for one am sick and tired of all this crap. I think it's time to tell the conservatives in our church and in the Anglican Communion to kiss off. If this be schism then so be it. Let them join the Jerry Falwells and the Pat Robertsons and leave us alone. Just leave the buildings to those who choose to stay. They obviously think that we are all going to Hell anyway, so let them go their way and we'll go ours.

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