Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I got to thinking the other day that the church gives mothers a short shrift. The BCP has no prayers for mothers except for those who are pregnant. Even Mary, the mother of Jesus, has very little said about her. She does get some exposure at the wedding at Cana, but she comes off as somewhat of a nag, asking her son to take care of the wine shortage. Then she gets to watch his crucifixion, which is something every mother wants to do. I think that the Episcopal Church should set aside the Sunday of Mother's Day as a day to celebrate mothers. At the very least they could do something for the Book of Occasional Services. I'm sure that with all of my influence I could get PB Katherine to lobby the House of Bishops to get something going for mothers. Unfortunately, the good old boys at the HoB would just think she was being self serving, you know, women can't think of anything very deep.

Well, here's to you mothers everywhere. What would we do without our Moms? I think about my mom a lot, and always thank her for giving me life and teaching me how to live it. Thanks Ma.

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