Monday, May 7, 2007

The Price of Gas in Oregon

I am astounded by the nearly meteoric rise in gas prices in the past few weeks. They just got us accustomed to $2 a gallon gasoline and then they have jacked it up so fast that it is unbelievable. I know that the stations here in town have not gotten new deliveries while the price goes up. They are told by the company to raise the price and they have to do it. the local station owners are not getting much out of the increases, but the companies are.

I am not surprised that Congress isn't saying much about the problem, I think every Congressman/woman is in the pocket of the oil companies. When you're making $10 billion a quarter, you can afford to "contribute" to every politician's campaign coffers.

This time the reasons given are that the refineries can't keep up with demand, and that some of the refineries are down for maintenance. They can't use crude oil prices because they are fairly stable. They know that we will stand still and take it so they just keep raising the prices. I suspect it won't stop until we're around $5 a gallon. If it was just the gas prices that are going up it wouldn't be so bad, but it causes everything to go up too. Won't be long before we're in the inflationary spiral once again.

Oh well, I'm doing what I can, my car gets 35+ mpg, but it still hurts to pay $40 to fill up when is used to be less than $20. If you can afford to keep driving your Hummer, more power to you. Exxon loves ya baby!