Saturday, March 8, 2008

Andy Rooney

I have been reading a book by Andy Rooney titled "Common Nonsense". I picked it up because I usually enjoy his bit on 60 Minutes, although I admit I haven't watched 60 Minutes for some time. I'm finding it hard reading because he is so negative. I'll admit that I have changed quite a bit in the past 20 years (thanks to my wife) and don't find sarcasm very funny any more. In our family when I was young, sarcasm was an art form used by all in the family. I liked to think that I was pretty good at it too. Now, I try to not use sarcasm because it is hurtful to the person it's used on. Andy Rooney is a master of sarcasm and negativity, and now I don't think he's very funny at all. I guess we get kinder as we age, just as we become more conservative. Well, I guess I'm not more conservative than I was. I'm still a yellow dog Democrat.


sharecropper said...

My Mom and brother and later my husband loved sarcasm and barbs, but they hurt me so much. Finally, I asked them not to do it anymore - and they quit. Felt much better.

sharecropper said...
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