Friday, March 28, 2008

Keep on Writing

I continue to find myself at a loss for words. In oral discussion I seldom find myself without anything to say. Like most clergy I talk too much. It's funny that back when I was a layperson heavily involved in the Church I used to rant about the clergy monopolizing discussion. Now I are one! The strange thing is that the laity defer to us folks in the funny collars. They seem to think that putting on the collar somehow brings wisdom. My experience is that we are just as confused as everybody else. If you don't believe me just listen to some clergy discussing some theological point. As the old saying goes, "Opinions are are like a**holes, everybody has one."

Another stereotype about clergy is one I first heard from Charlie Congleton, the "Mayor" of Paulina, Oregon. Charlie wasn't much for religion of any type and he said. "Did you ever see a skinny preacher? They get fat on the congregation's money!" Guess what? Since I was ordained I have gained 50+ pounds, even though I have always been non-stipendiary. I guess I have to live up to the stereotype. Oh, Charlie Congleton owned a small farm (his words)(14,000 deeded acres) just outside of Paulina, pop 35. Used to go to every Democratic National Convention and have a ball. I worked for Charlie two summers on his ranch bucking bales of hay when I was in High School. But that's another story.

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