Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

I taught high school math and science for over 40 years and our family life was fashioned around the school calendar. For years, spring break was anxiously awaited by children and parents alike. When the kids were still at home we often traveled out of town with a school group on a sports trip or a club trip to someplace across the state. After our kids were grown and out on their own, our spring break trips were to visit them. For a number of years we went to Phoenix, AZ to see the kids. For a year or two both of them lived in Phoenix. It was quite nice to leave our still cold and winter like weather and head to the Valley of the Sun. The strange thing about our Spring Break travels was that no matter where we went, the weather was bad, while the weather at home was good. If we stayed at home the opposite was true, miserable at home, great everywhere else. I've been out of education for 6 years and our schedule is no longer tied to school events. But, the pattern still holds true, if we stay home spring break the weather is bad. If we travel, the weather is bad. Not sure what to make of that.

SSSSSSSSTTT! ZOT! (Voice from the clouds) I don't know Dan, sometimes you just piss me off!

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