Monday, March 24, 2008


Jean and I went to Canyon City for Easter services. We had a great time, I got to do my third baptism at St. Thomas since I started going up there a year ago. We had a packed house, 67 bodies stuffed into that little church is quite a sight. I wonder what the first time visitors thought of the priest though. I enlisted the older brother of the baptizee as my acolyte to hold my prayer book as we did the actual baptism. As we were moving into position for the ceremony, he accidentally knocked the pitcher of water for the font over onto the carpet in front of the altar. That posed a problem since there is no running water in the church. I had to send next door to the parish house for more water. The rest of the baptism went fine except that little Ryland did not like to have cold water poured on his head and he screamed bloody murder. Interestly enough, when I told him I was sorry, he stopped crying.

Things went pretty after that until we started the Eucharist. That's when we discovered we didn't have enough wafers in the pyx and I had to send someone into the sacristy for more wafers. Then, after The Great Thanksgiving, as I was proceeding to the altar rail about 20 wafers slid onto the floor. My Chalice Bearer asked, "what do we do now?" I said, "pick them up." which she did and placed them on the edge of the altar. On one of my last trips back to the end of the rail, I stealthily placed them on the paten and then distributed them with the others. That way we had enough to go around. I suggested that in the future they have 2 paten when we expect a crowd. Things finished up fine, and some said they would be back. Probably one of the funniest shows in that little town.

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