Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The "Dirty" Word in Politics

I had a brief talk with my oldest brother today at the funeral of his father in law. The father in law was 97. My brother asked me who I was going to vote for in the Oregon primary. When told him I was leaning towards Hilary, he responded by saying that he was off Hilary since she had accused Obama of being a liberal. That got me to thinking about one of my pet peeves about the Democrats. They have allowed the conservatives to make liberal a pejorative term. Democrats act as though being liberal is bad! Liberal is good, and until the conservatives (which used to be a pejorative term, remember Barry Goldwater?)started acting as though progressives were the spawn of the devil, it stood for much that is good about our country. Liberals were responsible for civil rights legislation, women's suffrage, Social Security, anti-trust laws, fair working conditions and many other pieces of legislation that benefited the people of the country. Now the Dems seem to be falling all over themselves trying to be moderate. To hell with that! No wonder they have trouble getting the labor vote, they're busy courting the big bucks of the corporations. US "liberals" are so far to the right of English conservatives that it's laughable. So, Barak, instead of trying to refute Hilary, embrace liberalism. Try it, you'll like it!

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