Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today has been one of the first nice days we've had this year. It was a little chilly but a sweat shirt was enough to keep me warm. I would like to get my shorts out but it is a little too cool to show my great legs and draw attention away from my oversize belly. I have started wearing suspenders to hold my pants up because my gut is bigger than my butt and when I bend over I tend to show my plumber's crack. Not a very pleasing sight. I did a lot of bending over today because I replaced all of my rose bushes in front of the house. I removed the old bushes and then had to remove all of the Bermuda Grass from the flower beds. Bermuda Grass is a bane to me. I suspect that one of the previous owners planted some of the Zoizia grass plugs to get a drought resistant lawn. It is indeed drought resistant and every other thing resistant. Twenty years ago I tried to kill the Bermuda Grass completely from my lawn. I sprayed it with Roundup every week for two summers. I roto tilled it a number of times and dug up the roots each time. I got a pickup load of roots some were growing into the concrete foundation. The grass grows in long runners with an icepick like tip. After I did not see any new growth for a month of the third summer I planted Oregon Kentucky Bluegrass. The lawn looked great for 15 years until the Bermuda Grass began to rear its ugly head. I don't think I have the stamina to try to get rid of it. The kids will have to sell the house in the summer or winter when the yard looks pretty good. I swear that the stuff I have in my front yard drinks Roundup like Champagne. Oh yeah, this is not the small bladed stuff found on golf courses. This grass is broad bladed and sharp on the bare feet, an overall nasty stuff to have in your yard.


Anonymous said...

regarding your problem with burmuda grass, you might try planting some juniper trees nothing will grow under them.


Anonymous said...

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