Monday, April 20, 2009

Hate Mongers

I just got an email from an aquaintance about the US Government giving
China the right of Eminant Domain if the US defaults on the debt owed to China. I checked it out on and found it was completely false. I then went to the site quoted by my friend with the thought of pointing out that the statement was false. It turned out to be the blog of a Hal Turner which was filled with inflammatory rhetoric. There were a lot of comments so I read down them to see if anybody had already pointed out the falsity of the blog. What I read were some of the sickest racist comments ever. There were a few comments stating that the facts given were, indeed, false. They were promptly rebuked by the followers of Hal Turner with some of the most vile stuff, including death threats, to those opposed to the Hal Turner set.

I knew there were racists and haters in our country. but I was not ready to what I encountered. I know that we must protect freedom of speech, but this Turner guy is ;ile someone yelling fire in a crowed theater. I guess what startled me was how easily his followers swallowed his line, no questions asked. I hope the FBI is following this site, there were some pretty explicit threats against President Obama's life. Please don't check this site it is pure evil.

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