Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Here it is Tuesday and my crud is still with me, not so bad, but still there. This is the first cold I've had that makes my diaphragm hurt. The hypochondriac in me vacillates between pneumonia and now, swine flu. The realist in me says you've milked this about as far as you can, now pull up your big boy shorts and get busy. I really do have a yard out of control, the squirrels are getting lost in the tall grass. If it is really something dire, Jean can have my gravestone engraved, "I told you I was sick". Actually, she has been super, as she always is.

Got to go check out "Mad Priest" he missed out on a super job and he's really bummed. Can't blame him though, I can remember being sure I was going to be Arnie's replacement as head wrestling coach, only to be aced out by the new English teacher. I had put in 10 years as Arnie's assistant, several of them unpaid, and Arnie had recommended me, I just knew I had the job. Took me some time to get over that, eventually returned as an assistant, but there was still resentment. They finally gave me the job 10 years later when the head coach got into some trouble and had to leave. I took the job, but the thrill was gone, it was ten years too late.

When it came time for me to retire I rigged it so my assistant was sure to get the job. He was like I had been 30 years before, gung ho! He found it wasn't as easy as he had thought and quit head coaching and went back to assisting. He had his shot though and didn't have to spend 10 years wishing he had gotten the job, knowing that he would have been a great head coach.

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sharecropper said...

Colds with sneezing and coughing do hurt. And, if the wind is blowing where you are, then getting out and doing chores will make you feel worse. However, you're right, you can only be "indoor/recliner/bed" sick for a limited length of time. Then even you and your body feel the need to do something.

My first job was as assistant editor of a trade magazine. They fired me in June 1964 because I was a woman. They were reorganizing the magazine, and changing titles (not duties). They did not think it appropriate that a woman should be editor. I still wonder where and who I might have been if I had been named editor.