Monday, January 21, 2008


I read a number of Blogs and belong to one group that maintains a list serve for the group. I suspect that others have noticed the lack of civility on the part of some posters, be they blog comments or comments on the list serve. I am continually amazed by the rudeness of many of the writers. I guess it is because the writers are anonymous and will never confront the person they are slamming in the flesh. It seems to me to be the older posters and perhaps some of the religious right who are guilty of such blatant rudeness. On the list serve group that I read, (I rarely post) last week one of the members wrote about the good deal he got on some objects at a rummage sale to benefit a person who needed to make their home wheelchair accessible. The items were marked with a low price and when he went to pay for them the cashier noted that they were way under priced and asked the buyer if he would be willing to pay a more reasonable price for them. He said in his post that he refused to citing the lack of research as to the real cost. He said that it was their bad luck and his good fortune and they were SOL. He seemed to be bragging about his buy and that hit a nerve. He was called every name in the book by the other posters based solely on his story. While I am normally a peaceable person, I fear that were someone to call me some of the things this guy was called they would have a fight on their hands. And, while youth and ability are useful in a fight, old age and treachery wins out every time.

I also think that some of this lack of civility can be traced to our politicians and church members. We seem to be so polarized today that it has become nearly impossible to discuss differences in a calm and rational way. If I don't have the same politics as you, I am a traitor to our country and our "American" way of life. If my faith community is different from yours you feel that you have the right to call me a heretic. In another blog, the author blames most of the harm done to Gays on the church establishment because of the things the church has said about homosexuals. While that may be a little simplistic, I think he's on the right track. When the church says that homosexuality is a sin and that homosexuals will burn in hell, it gives all the haters license to persecute homosexuals. The same has been true about many of the minority groups in our society. At one time or another the church has slandered Blacks, Women, Jews, Hispanics, Catholics (or Protestants) and many other minorities. And after all, if the church says its so, it must be so.

It's time for us all to remember to love our neighbor as ourself. And watch our mouth!

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