Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Snowing!

We had a White Christmas this year and we have had snow on the ground ever since. This week it has snowed every day but it also melted fairly fast. As a result, the snow has not piled up very deep. The melting is only around the buildings where the wind has blown the snow away. Tuesday it snowed all day for an accumulation of 4 - 5 in. Once we got the snow off the sidewalks the sun kept them clean, at least until it snowed again. Right now it is snowing quite hard and piling up rather fast. It has been over ten years since we have had this much snow. Thirty years ago this was a regular occurrence, but for the past few years we have had little snow and as a result the farmers have had trouble having enough water from the reservoirs to water their crops.
I have to admit that I enjoy seeing the snow, especially since I can watch from inside a warm home. I suppose some idiot will cite this increase in snow as clear evidence that global warming isn't happening. I will admit that I don't enjoy shoveling the sidewalks as much as I once did. When I was working I would get out and shovel the walks before breakfast, now I wait to see if it's going to melt off. I do love the way the snow covers everything with a white blanket that transforms the countryside.

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