Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Exercising Restraint

I haven't thought of a title for this yet, it's just random thoughts running through my feeble brain while struggling on the exercise machine in my shop. I need the exercise to keep from getting so fat that I can't walk, but after over two years of using it, it still takes a certain amount of will power to get to it. I exercise before breakfast so that I don't have problems with food in my stomach. I'm not sure if a full stomach intrudes on exercise or not, but I do know that when I was able to jog I could not do it on a full stomach. One of my problems with the exercise is that I haven't lost any weight. I am still just as heavy as I ever was. I suspect that much of the problem is due to the fact that I have an incurable sweet tooth. Try as I might, I cannot keep myself from eating sweets, especially chocolate. I tell myself that I can't live forever and that I ought to be able to enjoy what I have left. That's pi** poor reasoning. When I take the time to really think about it, I am sure that my love affair with sweets is sinful. I indulge myself without thought of others and that's not good for anyone especially one who calls himself a Priest. I was taught that a good Episcopalian exercised moderation in all things, and that includes food.

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Anonymous said...

Dearie, so long as you exercise within 20 minutes of eating, you'll get the maximum calorie burn for your effort. Before or after doesn't matter all that much.