Thursday, January 24, 2008


It seems to be the latest fad for celebrities. Each of the presidential candidates has their very own celebrity to endorse them. Barbra Streisand is one of the biggies and this time she's endorsing Hillary. Not to be outdone, Obama now has an even bigger biggie, (no pun intended)Oprah!. I'm not sure who Edwards has attracted, but I'm sure he has at least one. Then, there's Mike Huckabee who has garnered two semi biggies, Rick Flair and Chuck Norris. To quote my wife, "what's a Rick Flair?" I would say Huckabee's two don't equal Clinton's one. I know that many other Hollywood (and elsewhere) celebrities have endorsed one candidate or another, I just lost track. Just what does an endorsement from a pro wrestler count for? Do all of the wrestling fans feel compelled to vote for his pick? Does everyone who enjoyed the movie "Hello Dolly" (all ten of us)have to vote the Clinton ticket? It would be interesting for some graduate student to do their thesis on how much an endorsement helps. After all, it is a tried and true advertising gimmick. How many of us got started smoking Marlboros to be like the Marlboro Man?


Catherine said...

Good point!
The Sunday talking heads admitted today that newspaper endorsements have significantly less importance in 2008 than in pastcampaigns. Still, the NY Times slammed Giuliani, calling him a "narrow, obsessively secretive, and vindictive man" whose "arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking."

Conversely, how much will Sen. Obama benefit from the endorsement of the daughter of an inconic president in which she compares the two favorably?

Catherine said...

I know - it's iconic.

Tracie the Red said...

Edwards wasn't my man for President, but good God, he's hot.