Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Re Retired

If you have been following my on again off again scribbling on this page you know that I have been working full time as a truck dispatcher. Dispatching has been an exciting and stressful task, but I think I got to be fairly good at it. It is amazing how quickly the pay for loads dropped after the stock market crash and the decrease in fuel prices. Where I would hold out for $2.25 per mile before the crash $1.80 per mile is considered very good now. It has been much more difficult to find good pay for the drivers who are now paying for inflated costs incurred before the crash with deflated pay after the crash. One more thing to stress over.

Back to the title of this writing. We have found a dispatcher who can take over my trucks and relieve me of my duties. Today was my last full day as a dispatcher. I will continue to go to the office an hour or so a day to take care of some of the paper work that has to be done in Vale rather than Wisconsin where the new dispatcher lives and works. I have mixed feelings about the end of my work this time around. I will miss the excitement of getting good loads for the drivers, but I will not miss getting up at 6 AM and working until 4:30 PM. I am looking forward to being the chief cook and bottle washer, having time to do my workouts and work in my shop. The pros outweigh the cons in this case. I might even have more time to write!

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