Saturday, November 29, 2008

TV and Football

I just finished watching the Oregon-Oregon State football game on my computer because it was not shown on TV. I got to see the box score change as each team scored. It was a high scoring game and must have been exciting to watch, but my TV was showing Kentucky vs Tennessee I think. The Oregon-Oregon State game had a number of wide spread implications depending on the outcome of the game, but it's important to watch Kentucky and Tennessee play, a game that has little interest outside of the region. If anything will drive me off cable to dish it will be the crappy scheduling of regional interest football games. The love affair between sports programmers and the east coast football teams is sickening. West coast teams get short shrift when TV picks poll leaders or great teams. SEC teams with 2 losses are ranked above teams with 1 or 0 losses from the west because they are from the SEC and of course, SEC is a tough league. Yeah, Florida State and Tennessee are just fantastic! Oh well, since they stay in the south there's not much chance of them getting whipped by one of our teams.

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