Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Service

Yesterday was my time in St. Thomas, Canyon City. As usual, my neighbor Paul went with me, he is a great traveling companion, helps keep me awake. We talk non-stop on the 2+ hour trip, often telling the same story from trip to trip. On the way back we don't talk so much, worn out from all the early talk.

This Sunday I was asked to stay over and participate in the Community Thanksgiving Service hosted by St. Thomas. We killed the four hours between the services watching football at the home of a couple who are active in the church. We had a great time, much better than driving around the area for 4 hours.

The Thanksgiving Service was great! We sang all of the good old Thanksgiving hymns, Dennis read Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation from 1789, the offering was for the local food bank and I gave a brief homily. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. They even lit the original 1876 lanterns, an act usually reserved for Christmas Eve. Small towns do this kind of thing best.

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